Sunday, 6 January 2013


Happy New Year! 2013 is an exciting for time for Baked Soap Co. as we launch our product line up and prepare for upcoming shows and exhibits. Here's an example of what we're presently carrying:

Confetti cupcake: Scented with pound cake and cherry fragrance 

 Lemon poppyseed bundt: Made with extra virgin olive oil, poppyseeds and lemon essential oil

 Mixed fruit tart: Base made from 100% pure olive oil soap and scented with vanilla-berry fragrance; fruits made from 100% vegetable glycerin soap

Chocolate cupcake: Scented with a rich chocolate fragrance 

Strawberry shortcake: Scented with a delicious pound cake and berry fragrance

Lemon meringue pie: Scented with lemon essential oil 

 Donuts: Scented with a rich pineapple-candy fragrance

Meringues: Scented with a decadent candy fragrance

Check back regularly to see what we've been up to and what products we've added to our inventory! Shop at our Etsy store, and keep up with us on Facebook.